Lucie Greene

Lucie Greene

Lucie Greene is the Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson, J. Walter Thompson’s in-house futures and innovation think tank.
She leads The Innovation Group’s ongoing research into emerging global consumer behaviors, cultural changes, and sector innovation, with regular deep-dive studies and daily insights. She also works with J. Walter Thompson’s Fortune 500 clients and global lifestyle brands on future strategy.
The Innovation Group’s work is frequently cited in prestigious publications including the New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Guardian, WWD, USA Today, and The Times.
Lucie is the outward-facing “futurist” for J. Walter Thompson. She’s a thought leadership columnist for Campaign, writes for the Financial Times on futures, and has spoken at conferences including CES, SXSW, Web Summit, Cosmoprof, and Ad Week, discussing future trends across multiple lifestyle sectors. She has appeared on BBC, Fox News, and Bloomberg TV as an expert on the future.


Lucie Greene's book SILICON STATES will be published by Regan Arts in 2017:

Silicon Valley is increasingly behaving more governmentally, on a practical and on a symbolic level. It is stepping in to solve world problems. It is building our future cities. And, in its rhetoric, it is rooting its behavior in philosophy and a bigger mission than simply providing technology. Silicon Valley’s confidence in disrupting and questioning existing dictums is something government and big business are failing to achieve. And Silicon Valley has the ability to move in this way at scale—and quickly.

But do we need to disrupt everything? Is all disruption good? From the future of automation, to environmental innovation, to the ever-looming threat of a second tech bubble burst, SILICON STATES explores Silicon Valley’s expanded role in our society and culture globally, from both sides – in terms of how the industry sees itself, and in terms of how we look at the industry and the new ways that tech changes and redefines the world we live in.