Charles Dickinson

Charles Dickinson is the acclaimed author of such novels as Crows, Rumor Has It, The Widows' Adventures, Waltz in Marathon, and A Shortcut In Time.

"The most wonderful and increasingly rare sort of novel written by an author who loves his characters beyond measure." —Barbara Kingsolver


A Rumor Has It is being developed as a major motion picture by the Steppenwolf Chicago team.

The Widows' Adventures has been optioned for film with Diane Keaton attached to star.


A Shortcut in Time

"Dickinson is a splendid writer who has yet to reach the audience he deserves.  After a decade's hiatus, he edges close to sci-fi in this psychologically rich and engrossing novel about time travel.  Reminiscent of Jack Finney's TIME AND AGAIN, but with it's own distinctive flair."  -- Publisher's Weekly 


Charles Dickinson's novels and short stories have won widespread acclaim for their deft characterization, humanity, and humor. Newsday described him as "a writer thoroughly in command of his art," while the Chicago Tribune wrote "he can surprise us at almost every turn."

Now Dickinson slips beyond the bounds of mundane realism to create a poignant fantasy that bears comparison to the work of Jack Finney and Jonathan Carroll.

Euclid, Illinois, is a town of many shortcuts, between houses, through orchards, and across fields. Josh Winkler, a local artist and longtime resident, knows these irregular pathways well, but is thoroughly taken aback when a hasty dash down a familiar walk deposits him fifteen minutes in the past--literally. At first, Josh is more intrigued than alarmed by this accidental time travel. Then a lost young woman appears, claiming to be from 1908...

As his life, his family, his town, and even history itself begin to unravel, Josh gradually realizes that his only salvation may lie in A Shortcut in Time.

Charles Dickinson has written a moving and unforgettable book about the way the past can affect the present as well as, sometimes, the other way around.

(Forge Books, January 2004)