David Doubilet

David Doubilet

Photographer David Doubilet has been snorkelling since the age of eight. At thirteen he started taking his first underwater photographs in the green sea off the New Jersey coast and published his first pictures in National Geographic in 1972. He is widely acclaimed as one of the world's leading underwater photographers and has reported on most of the world's oceans, covering everything from shipwrecks to sharks. He is a contributing photographer in residence at the National Geographic Society, an honorary fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and has won many awards including the Lennart Nilsson Award in 2001. His books include Light in the Sea (Thomasson/Grant), Under the Sea from A to Z (Crown), Pacific (Bullfinch) Water Light Time (Phaidon), Fish Face (Phaidon), and Great White Sharks (Phaidon).   


David is working on several new books, including one on great white sharks for Phaidon and one on coral reefs for Phaidon.


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Fish Face

The magical world of the oceans is one of the last great largely unexplored places on earth. Teeming with diverse forms of life – some of the ocean's wonders more familiar to us than others and all peculiar in their own way – Fish Face takes us closer than one would imagine possible. Featuring full-page, close-up portraits of the faces of fish, this book takes us from the beautiful to the ugly, and from the spiky to the rotund, in a majestic exploration of the vast variety of underwater species – all without fail both amusing and astounding.

This book celebrates the work of David Doubilet, widely acclaimed as the world's leading underwater photographer, who has been photographing fish for over 25 years: Fish Face shows us the most colorful, humorous and bizarre fish he has encountered.

Of particular interest to naturalists and photographers alike, this extraordinary collection of photographs will further appeal to anyone who has ever reflected on the otherworldly fish that inhabit the mysterious world of the oceans, as well as any individual with an eye for an out-of-the-ordinary aesthetic.

(Phaidon Press, January 2007)

Water Light Time

Beneath the surface of the world's waters lie landscapes, species, vegetations and populations as diverse and splendid as those on land, yet these kingdoms have been explored by few. Water Light Time is an extraordinary collection of photographs by David Doubilet, a pioneering artist and diver who is widely acclaimed as the world's leading underwater photographer.

From the Galapagos to the Red Sea, from the Pacific shores to the fresh waters of North America, Water Light Time includes over 25 years of Doubilet's work, to reveal the mesmerizing beauty of more than 30 bodies of water rich with fascinating life forms.

(Phaidon Press, July 1999)

Face to Face With Sharks

It is man’s greatest fear—being eaten alive. And diving down here in the depths, the streamlined shark holds every advantage. How close do you want to get?

Acclaimed underwater photographer David Doubilet takes you deep into their dangerous realm. Yet he points out that it is we who are the killers! Our fear and ignorance puts this diverse family of fish in great danger. Let David teach you about sharks’ complex nature, and about how you can help to save the shark.

(National Geographic Children's Books, February 2009)