James P. McCollom

James P. McCollom is the author of The Continental Affair: The Rise and Fall of the Continental Illinois Bank, and The Last Sheriff in Texas. A native son of Beeville, Texas, he worked as a banker and business executive in the Northeast before settling back in his hometown.


The Last Sheriff in Texas

The Last Sheriff in Texas

A timely and sharply observed examination of a changing America through one small town election

The Last Sheriff in Texas is a riveting narrative about the postwar American landscape, an era grappling with the same issues we continue to face today. Debate over excessive force in law enforcement, Anglo-Mexican relations, gun control, the influence of the media, urban-rural conflict, the power of the oil industry, mistrust of politicians and the political process—all have surprising historical precedence in the story of sheriff Vail Ennis and Beeville's favorite son, Johnny Barnhart.
(Counterpoint Press, November 2017)