Karen Quinn

Karen Quinn

Karen Quinn is the author of four novels:  Holly Would Dream, Wife in the Fast Lane, The Ivy Chronicles, and Sister Diaries. She is also the author of Testing for Kindergarten: Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Ace the Tests for Public School Placement, Private Admissions, Gifted Program Qualifications. She lives in Miami with her husband and two children.

"Funny, warm and terrifyingly acute about people, Karen Quinn will have you punching the air in triumphant support of her heroine as she slays dragons on behalf of us all. " —Elizabeth Noble, author of The Reading Group and The Friendship Test


Sarah Jessica Parker set to star in Warner Brother's production of THE IVY CHRONICLES.  Read more about the film in the Hollywood Reporter.

Karen Quinn's latest novel, THE SISTER DIARIES, is available now in the UK.



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Wife in The Fast Lane

Christy Hayes is a case study in successful living. She's won two Olympic gold medals, built a multimillion-dollar business, and landed a gorgeous and powerful CEO husband. But Christy's dream life begins to unravel when she inherits custody of an eleven-year-old girl named Renata. Suddenly she finds herself battling three formidable opponents: a treacherous business partner bent on ousting her from the company she founded, a ruthless stay-at-home mom who'll stop at nothing to maintain her PTA power base, and a stunning single woman scheming to steal her husband. Throw in the demands of one high-maintenance spouse and it's clear: something's got to give. But what? Her marriage? Her career? Her sanity?

(Touchstone, June 2007)

Holly Would Dream

Holly Ross often wishes she lived in a simpler time, when the clothes were glamorous, the men debonair, and the endings happy. That said, her career as a fashion historian isn't so bad. With both a wedding and a big promotion coming up, her own happily ever after seems assured.

So how, in the space of one day, does it all go wrong? How does she end up homeless, jobless, penniless, and fiancé-less? Why is she cruising the Mediterranean in hot pursuit of real estate tycoon Denis King? And why, for heaven's sake, is she chasing down a suitcase full of stolen Audrey Hepburn gowns?

With the sparkling Mediterranean and the eternal city of Rome as the backdrops, Holly's adventures begin to resemble one of the 1950s Hollywood gems she so adores. Finally she must choose between her long-held fairy tale fantasy and a new, real-life dream with an ending she couldn't possibly imagine.

(Touchstone, June 2008)

The Ivy Chronicles

When turbocharged Park Avenue mom Ivy Ames finds that she’s been downsized from her platinum-card corporate job and her marriage, she swiftly realizes that she’s going to need a whole new way to support herself and her two private-school daughters. So she dreams up a new business—helping upscale New Yorkers get their little darlings into the most exclusive kindergartens in the city. What begins as one woman’s bid to earn a living becomes an everywoman’s tale of midlife reinvention and unexpected romance, set in a looking-glass world where even tots have résumés.

(Plume, January 2006)

Testing For Kindergarten: Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Ace the Tests for Public School Placement, Private School Admissions, Gifted Program Qualification

The first and only guide for parents to help them prepare their child for kindergarten testing, from an expert who has successfully taught hundreds of parents how to work with their own children.

More than two million children enter private kindergarten each year, and in some cities, getting into a private school is just as competitive as getting into a good college.  But testing isn't just a private-school phenomenon: the almost eight million children who enter public school each year will also be assessed when they arrive in the classroom and tracked according to those test results. In addition, millions of kids each year take tests to qualify for public school gifted programs. 

Since psychologists, educators, and school administrators won't tell parents what skills will be tested, parents are left in the dark, with little knowledge of the test and what they can do to prepare their chidlren. Karen Quinn, whose own son was headed for special education until she cracked the secrets of the kindergarten tests and tutored him into a top private school, shares her hard-won wisdom with other parents to help them understand the test and what they can do to prepare their children for classroom success.

This parent-friendly book reveals the secrets behind kindergarten testing, sharing how the test works, what skills will be assessed, what abilities children should have before entering school, and--most importantly--what games and activities parents can do, naturally and easily, with their child to give them the best chance to succeed in school and beyond.

(Fireside/Simon & Schuster, July 2010)