Robin Straus Agency, Inc. represents high quality adult fiction and non-fiction including literary and commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction, women's fiction, memoirs, history, biographies, books on psychology, popular culture and current affairs, science, parenting, and cookbooks. We do not represent children's literature, young adult, horror, romance, westerns, poetry or screenplays.

Please read our submission guidelines carefully before sending your query.

**PLEASE NOTE** We are no longer accepting submissions via mail. Physical submissions will not be reviewed.

Emailed submissions may be sent to us according to the following instructions:

Please email us your query letter with contact information, an autobiographical summary, and a brief synopsis or description of your book project. If you wish, you may also include the opening chapter of your manuscript. 

All materials must be included in the body of the email, addressed to Please let us know if you are showing the manuscript to other agents simultaneously. Be advised that we do not download manuscripts from unfamiliar senders.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot accept more than one query per author at a time. Please do not submit multiple works to the agency.

Do keep in mind that we are a small agency with a large volume of unsolicited submissions. We ask that you be patient with us, and while we do our best to reply to all queries, you can assume that if you haven't heard from us after six weeks, we are not interested. 

The Wallace Literary Agency is not considering new clients.